Success redefined

What do you get when you combine deep Taft-Hartley experience, keen market insights, and unbiased access?

Solutions that work.

McMorgan has refined an investment approach that can make better results a reality and big goals achievable.  We start by engaging our clients and their consultants in a strategic conversation that positions them for success.  We listen to their aspirations and concerns and share the expertise we have accumulated during more than 40 years of serving Taft-Hartley plans.  Then, together, we craft the appropriate solution.

Once our mission is clear, we take our knowledge of the markets and what our clients need, and we comb the universe of possibilities to identify products and services that meet those needs.  Our due diligence is rigorous, and our goals uncompromised.  Because our solutions are market- and client-driven rather than company-manufactured or promoted, they address our clients’ requirements more specifically and strategically.  After the program is in place, our fiduciary oversight is ongoing, as is the dialogue we have with our clients and their consultants.