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Directions February 2017
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Perspectives Summer 2015


Capital Markets

August 2017 | What Could a New-Look Fed Mean for Markets? — AB

Speculation is building about a looming shake-up in the leadership of the US Federal Reserve.

June 2017 | Can Companies Deliver on Earnings Expectations? — AB

AB reexamines their positioning in the context of slower US growth and a potential pause in Fed hikes this year.

March 2014 | Q&A: 2013 Recap and 2014 Outlook — McMorgan & Company

A brief summary of what transpired in the capital markets in 2013 and what may lie ahead in 2014 from both McMorgan’s CIO and from our network of third-party, strategic investment partners.

Fixed Income

September 2015 | Playing with Fire: The Bond Liquidity Crunch — AB

AB explores liquidity concerns afflicting the global fixed income market as well as what investors are able to do to protect themselves.

December 2014 | The Oil Supply Shock of 2014 — Bradford & Marzec

Bradford & Marzec’s analysis of the impact that lower oil prices could have on the economy, the consumer, and fixed income markets.

November 2014 | Deflation in the Euro Area: Are we there yet? — AB

Darren Williams, Senior European Economist at AB, discusses the current challenges facing the Eurozone and the European Central Bank.


September 2016 | Why Diversify? The Maximum Diversification® Approach — TOBAM

TOBAM introduces their patented Diversification Ratio® and illustrates the benefits available through maximizing diversification within an investment portfolio.

July 2014 | Cornerstone Capital Mid-Cap Earns PSN Top Guns Award

The Cornerstone Capital Mid-Cap Strategy has been awarded:  PSN “Top Guns: Bull & Bear Master” for the 3 year period ending 3/31/2014.


January 2014 | Private Equity & Job Creation — Private Advisors

Private Advisors shares their thoughts from the lower middle market.

August 2013 | Digging Deeper into Real Assets with Infrastructure — McMorgan & Company

Carmen Racy-Choy, CIO, expands on the topic of real assets with an overview of infrastructure investing.

February 2013 | Exploring Real Assets — McMorgan & Company

Carmen Racy-Choy, our Chief Investment Officer discusses the investment rationale for real assets and where she sees some of the most promising opportunities.