McMorgan COVID-19 Response
McMorgan & Company

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Following another week of market turmoil and the global spread of Covid-19 , we would like to share the following measures we at McMorgan & Company have taken to ensure uninterrupted business operations, continued client service, and the protection and safety of our employees. We are confident these measures will enable us to continue providing the service you have come to expect from our Firm. As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we will provide material updates as they become available.

McMorgan Operations

Our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan (DR/BCP) serves to ensure minimal disruption to Firm operations should our headquarters in San Francisco become inaccessible or in the event that employees are required to work remotely. Procedures contained within the DR/BCP are tested quarterly with the last test having been successfully completed on December 23, 2019. Given the rapid development of current events, we have carefully reviewed the specifics of this DR/BCP with all employees as well as the backup roles/resources that exist for critical Firm functions. As a nationwide business, McMorgan maintains office locations throughout the country, providing multiple points of backup should any one specific area become impaired. Additionally, we transitioned a majority of our systems and critical software to a cloudbased format between 2014 and 2019, reducing our operational reliance on any specific geographical location. As a result of these measures, , we are confident that this DR/BCP — which has been continually refined, tested, and enhanced over the years — has prepared us to effectively meet the current challenges.

McMorgan Employees and Travel

The safety of our employees is a top priority. While we continue to carefully evaluate the situation, all offices of McMorgan & Company remain open. We have encouraged all employees to alert their manager should they feel ill and, when in doubt, to stay home and work remotely. To facilitate a remote working environment, employees have been provided with training for VPN access to necessary Firm systems, a process already used effectively by employees located in McMorgan offices across the country. Additionally, we have asked all employees to use conference call or video conference options wherever possible and to limit all non-critical international or domestic travel, as well as to refrain from large event gatherings that present increased risk.With these precautions in mind, our relationships with our clients and their service providers remain of paramount importance to us as a Firm.We remain available at any time to discuss account performance, positioning, and outlook as we progress through this difficult time.

Should you need any additional information or would like to discuss this update in greater detail, please contact your client service representative directly or you can reach us at


John Santaguida