New possibilities

We have over 50 years of experience working with labor and management trustees, administrators, members, and consultants.

We understand the goals you are trying to achieve and the challenges that can get in the way.  With approximately 200 Taft-Hartley relationships, Taft-Hartley plans look to McMorgan for investment management and retirement plan services.

Our knowledge of the Taft-Hartley market has inspired us to create a new kind of firm—a firm that, by design, is organized for and around the specialized needs of Taft-Hartley investors.  Taft-Hartley trustees have embraced the McMorgan approach—and the new possibilities it creates for their plans and members.


At McMorgan, Taft-Hartley is not a line of business; it’s our entire business.  We are 100% focused on delivering investment solutions to the Taft-Hartley marketplace.



We are an independent, employee-owned company that is not burdened with issues related to a parent organization or outside shareholders.  We strive to make decisions in the best interests of our clients.


With independence comes objectivity.  We research and monitor a wide opportunity set of investment products and have strategically assembled a collection of those that we believe best serve the Taft-Hartley market.



We provide a higher level of service based on knowing what Taft-Hartley investors need to be successful.  Lacking bureaucracy and red tape, we can respond quickly and decisively to our clients and their consultants.